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This is what happens when a complete cruise ship is chartered to organise a holiday specifically intended for gay men. The first edition took place in 2011 and it is happening every year in summertime, mostly in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cruise attracts guests from all ages and from all over the world with more than 80 nationalities on board. However, the vast majority on board is European and you can really feel the European gay way of cruising.

The cruisers experience for a week a complete “Sail Away” from reality and enjoy a world of freedom where they can be who they want to be without any judgements. Most describe it as the “Best holiday experience ever!”. It is a prefect mix of parties, sex, sunrises, relaxing at one of the pools, enjoying breath-taking views, visiting cultural sites, watching sunsets, and partying again…

The pictures in this book were taken during the 10th Anniversary edition on board the Regal Princess.




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  • coffee table book

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    pages: 140

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